Software for the Model 4012 VFTLP+ ™

The most current version of software release for BSSP Members ONLY:

BTLP Version 6.41, released 02/24/2012

Reader Version 6.08, released 09/25/2009

Note: Requires Windows® 7 or Windows XP.  Windows® 7 is recommended.

The most current version of software release for Non-BSSP Members:

BTLP Version 6.09, released 08/24/2009

Reader Version 6.08, released 09/25/200

Note: Requires Windows XP.  Windows® 7 is not supported.

Advantages of becoming a BSSP Member

BSSP Barth Software Subscription Program

  •   Includes 1 year BSSP
  •   Keeps your system in peak operation
  •   Receive the latest software improvements & bug fixes
  •   Improved capability: calibration, reporting, system diagnostics
  •   Bug fixes
  •   Cost effective solution


Our user’s manuals and newest software versions are available for download on the FTP site; Barth FTP site link.

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