Higher Average Power Attenuators

Model 2511-30F

Model 2511 Datasheet


  • High voltage pulse rated
  • 25 Watt average input power
  • Used for high voltage, high repetition rate testing of sources
  • Electrical Fast Transients pulse sources


The Model 2511-30F has a medium power rating that allows for high repetition rate testing of EFT generators, at their high voltage rating.

Model 2536

Model 2536 Datasheet


  • High voltage pulse rated
  • 200 Watt average input power
  • For use with high rep rate pulses


A high voltage pulse/high power microwave (HPM) attenuator that contains a liquid dielectric coolant. It has an integral coolant pump, heat exchanger, and fan, which enables this unit to dissipate high average power.

Model 102 Series (with optional Model CF cooling fin)

Model 102 Series with Optional CF (Cooling Fin) Datasheet


  • High voltage pulse rated
  • Least expensive high voltage coaxial attenuator available
  • Small dimensions
  • 10 Watt average input power (when using optional fins, Model CF, for external cooling)


This unit utilizes a patented design, which provides for maintaining good HV capabilities and good power dissipation.  While this unit has a simpler housing design than our precision attenuators, for better heat dissipation, it still provides a very respectable and clean 50 ps output risetime.


Attenuator Model Comparison

View a comparison of high voltage attenuator specifications including peak voltage, maximum input, connector types and several others.
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