“State of the Art” ESD Instrumentation

Barth Electronics, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing “state-of-the-art” fast pulse, high voltage measurement hardware since 1964.  Our first high voltage measurement instrumentation was designed for underground nuclear testing, and taught us much about reliable wide-band high voltage attenuators.

In 1997, Barth test equipment engineers developed the first commercial Transmission Line Pulser (TLP) for the Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) industry, using unique technology developed for high speed, high voltage test equipment.

As the operating transistors inside IC’s have become smaller and more sensitive to ESD, each pin on every IC is now protected to provide the reliability demanded in the digital world.  By beating our swords into plowshares, weapons testing hardware was changed into the development and manufacture of the highest quality ESD test equipment available today.  The reliability demanded in weapons testing was also transferred into our commercial ESD test equipment.  High reliability test equipment is needed to design and test semiconductors to ensure their high reliability.  Accurate and dependable TLP testing is vital to identifying electrical characteristics of silicon IC’s.

We are continuously investigating new technologies that can be applied to ESD and are designing new products as the need becomes apparent.  Barth Electronics offers a complete line of ESD test systems as well as device testing as a service.

  • Our full service manufacturing facility located in Boulder City, NV.  We remain the World Leader in ESD product design by offering high quality measurement instrumentation.  Our products are designed and manufactured by engineers, for you, our customer, to create innovations in component design that you require now or will need tomorrow.
  • We have always offered an UNCONDITIONAL guarantee on every product we sell.  We provide solutions to the ever growing needs of the ESD industry.