Convention and Published Technical Papers

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Improving CDM Measurements with Frequency Domain Specifications
By Jon Barth, Leo G. Henry, Ph.D, John Richner
EOS/ESD Symposium, 2016

TLP and VFTLP Testing of Integrated Circuit ESD Protection
By Jon Barth
ICAE Conference, Korea, 2015

An Accurate Ramp and Stair Step Source
By Jon Barth
IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, 2015

An Investigation of Input Protection for CDM Robustness in 40nm CMOS Technology
By Yasuyuki Morishita, Hiroyasu Ishizuka, Kentaro Watanabe, Kenji Hashimoto, Nobuyuki Wakai, Takayuki Hiraoka and Shigetaka Kumashiro
EOS/ESD Symposium 2009.

Gate Oxide Evaluation under Very Fast Transmission Line Pulse (VFTLP) CDM-Type Stress
By Slavica Malobabic, David F. Ellis, Javier A. Salcedo, Yuanzhong (Paul) Zhou, Jean-Jacques Hajjar, and Juin J. Liou
International Caribbean Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems 2008

Measurements of Real ESD Threats Have Been Ignored Too Long.
By Jon Barth
IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine, October 2005

The Importance of Standards.
By Rich Hochberg
IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine, March 2005

Voltages Before and After Current in HBM Testers and Real HBM
by Jon Barth, Robert A. Ashton, Eugene Worley, and John Richner
EOS/ESD Symposium 2005

Real HBM and MM Waveform Parameters
By Jon Barth, John Richner, Leo G. Henry, and Mark Kelly
Journal of Electrostatics, March 2004

Real HBM & MM – The dV-dT Threat
By Jon Barth, John Richner, Leo G. Henry, and Mark Kelly
EOS/ESD Symposium 2003

Correlation Considerations II – Real HBM to HBM Testers
By Jon Barth, John Richner, Koen Verhaege, Mark Kelly, and Leo G. Henry
EOS/ESD Symposium 2002

The SDM Test Method: Past, Present, and Future
by Michael Chaine, Jon Barth, Tilo Brodbeck, Leo G. Henry, Mark A. Kelly, and Tom Meuse
Compliance Engineering, September/October 2001

Transmission-Line Pulse ESD Testing of ICs: A New Beginning.
by Leo G. Henry, Jon Barth, Koen Verhaege, and John Richner
Compliance Engineering, March/April 2001

TLP Calibration, Correlation, Standards, and New Techniques
By Jon Barth, Koen, Verhaege, Leo G. Henry, and John Richner
IEEE Transactions in Electronics Packaging Manufacturing, April 2001

Correlation Considerations: Real HBM to TLP and HBM Testers
By Jon Barth and John Richner
ESD Association 2001

TLP Testing of the ESD Protection Structures of ICs – A Failure Analysts Perspective
By Leo G. Henry, Jon Barth, John Richner, and Koen Verhaege
ISTFA 2000: Book and CD-ROM Set, ASM International, Materials Park, OH
44073, pgs. 203-213

Importance of Standardizing CDM ESD Test Head Parameters to Obtain Data Correlation
By Leo G. Henry, Mark A. Kelly, Tom Diep, and Jon barthelectronics
EOS/ESD Symposium 2000

Issues Concerning CDM ESD Verification Modules – The Need to Move to Alumina
By Leo G. Henry, Mark A. Kelly, Tom Diep, and Jon barthelectronics
EOS/ESD Symposium 1999

Developing a Transient Induced Latch Up Standard for Testing Integrated Circuits
By M. Kelly, L.G. Henry, J. Barth, G, Weiss, M. Chaine, H. Gieser, D. Bonfert, T. Meuse, V. Gross, C. Hatchard, and I. Morgan
EOS/ESD Symposium 1999

Metrology and Methodology of System Level ESD Testing
By Don Lin, D. Pommerenke, J. Barth, L.G. Henry, H. Hyatt, M. Hopkins, G. Senko, and D. Smith
EOS/ESD Symposium 1998

Investigation into Socketed CDM (SDM) Tester Parasitics
By M. Chaine, K. Verhaege, L. Avery, M. Kelly, H. Gieser, K. Bock, L.G. Henry, T. Meuse, T. Brodbeck, and J. Barth
EOS/ESD Symposium 1998

Measurements of ESD HBM Events, Simulator Radiation and other Characteristics Toward Creating a More Repeatable Simulation
By Jon Barth, Dave Dale, Ken Hall, Hugh Hyatt, Darren McCarthy, Joe Nuebel, and Doug Smith
EOS/ESD Symposium 1996

Transmission Line Pulsing Techniques for Circuit Modeling of ESD Phenomena
by Timothy J. Maloney and Neeraj Khurana, Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA.
EOS/ESD Symposium 1985

ESD Robustness of Low-Voltage/High-Speed TVS Devices with Epitaxial Grown Films

by Daoheung Bouangeune, Woong-Ki Hong, Sang-Sig Choi, Chel-Jong Choi, Deok-Ho Cho, Jong Moon Park, Jin Ho Lee, Hyun-Duk Yang, and Kyu-Hwan Shim

IEEE Global Conference on Consumer Electronics 2012

Development of LC-Type ESD/EMI Filter Based on TVS Devices for Peripheral Device Applications

by Daocheng Bouangeune, Woong-Ki Hong, Sang-Sik Choi, Chel-Jong Choi, Deok-Ho Cho, Kyu-Hwan Shim, and Young-Gi Kim

IEEE Global Conference on Consumer Electronics 2012