Model 4702 HMM+ ™ Device Testing

Overview of the HMM+ ™ test

The Barth Model 4702 HMM+ ™ system was designed to eliminate the common problems that are found in gun testing for device level testing. Our carefully designed measurement hardware maintains accurate waveforms throughout the test system and provides accurate measurements of the stress applied to the DUT.

Process of the HMM+ ™ test

Devices will be tested in an unpowered state and failure will be determined by a change in leakage current measured after each stress pulse. If you are currently testing for device failure with another method, please contact us to discuss further, so that we can fully understand your process and determine how we might be able to accomplish your test goals.

Requirements of the HMM+ ™ test

  • DIP Packaged Device – Pin-out and numbers of pins to be tested indicating (+) and (-) pins.
  • Wafer – Pad size, spacing, and map layout indicating (+) and (-) pins
  • Wafer segment – Pad size, spacing, map layout, & description of dies you want tested indicating (+) and (-) pins

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