ESD Device Testing: Customer Testimonials 

TLP+ ™ Device Testing

“The TLP Methodology is extremely practical, and the information generated is very useful, providing insight into device architecture & design quickly & clearly. I can see how this system could significantly accelerate development leaning cycles & reduce time to market. The trip to Barth Electronics was a solid investment of our time”

On Semi, Oregon – Matt Comard

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“For anyone with experience in taking device measurement, the system is easy to use. The software functions allow for easy interpretation of the data. The assistance from the staff was very valuable in making sure our measurements and equipment set up were done correctly. We come away from Barth Electronics with a very pleasant experience in TLP testing.”

On Semi, Oregon – Derryl Allman

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VFTLP+ ™ Device Testing

“I have been learning a lot about device behavior in the CDM regime and I have only just started testing. I expect heavy use of the Barth Model 4012 VFTLP+ machine over the next several months. The Model 4012 was instrumental in finding a low CDM problem and was later used to characterize the quality of various proposed design solutions. It is impractical to try to test the proposed solutions using conventional CDM testing, not to mention the lack of pulsed I-V and response data. For CDM work the Barth Model 4012 VFTLP+  machine is essential!”

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