High Voltage Pulse Attenuators: Most Popular

Model 142 Series

Model 142 Series Datasheet


  • High voltage pulse rated
  • Wide range of standard attenuation values, custom values available
  • Units with standard connector combinations are available from stock
  • Custom connector combinations can be manufactured from standard parts


The 142 series attenuators have proven “Most Popular” with our customers and are available in 8 standard attenuator values.  They are rated for 2.5Kv/400ns wide rectangular pulse. Any non standard value, between 1.2 and 20dB, can be manufactured.

Maximum Input Limitations

The voltage specification of our products is sometimes limited by the breakdown characteristics; read the complete explanation, by clicking below...
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Attenuator Model Comparison

View a comparison of high voltage attenuator specifications including peak voltage, maximum input, connector types and several others.
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