High Voltage Pulse Attenuators

Barth High Voltage Pulse Attenuators are matched impedance coaxial attenuators for use primarily in pulsed 50 ohm systems, or where occasional transients would damage ordinary units. The attenuator design closely matches the impedance around each resistor, to that resistor.  These attenuators feature an input impedance very close to 50 ohms, with characteristics as good or better than most microwave attenuators.  These units are ideal for use in nuclear and high energy experiments. Extensive testing during manufacturing insures very high reliability for single-shot experiments. A voltage coefficient of the resistive film of less than .0001 %/V allows low voltage calibration of most systems.


  • Low reflection coefficient
  • Withstands high voltage pulses
  • Pulse power rated
  • Low voltage coefficient
  • High reliability lnput/Output impedance held very close to nominal

Model 102 Series

Model 102 Series Datasheet


  • High voltage pulse rated
  • Least  expensive high voltage coaxial attenuator available
  • Small dimensions
  • Higher average power than 142 series


This unit utilizes a patented design, which provides for maintaining good HV capabilities and good power dissipation.  While this unit has a simpler housing design than our precision attenuators, for better heat dissipation, it still provides a very respectable and clean 50 ps output risetime.

Model 202-XXX

Model 202 Datasheet


  • High voltage pulse rated
  • High voltage precision coaxial attenuator
  • Small dimensions


The Model 202 utilizes our original patented design, which still provides the best high voltage attenuator available. This unit withstands 5kV, 400ns FWHM pulses into either end and has a 20ps risetime.  Note: Units with N connectors are limited to a 4kV rating.

Model 142 Series (Most Popular)

Model 142 Series Datasheet


  • High voltage pulse rated
  • Wide range of standard attenuation values, custom values available
  • Units with standard connector combinations are available from stock
  • Custom connector combinations can be manufactured from standard parts


The 142 series attenuators are available in 8 standard attenuator values and are rated for 2.5Kv/400ns wide rectangular pulse. Any non standard value, between 1.2 and 20dB, can be manufactured.

Model 2237-HFNFP and 2239-HFNFP

Model 2237 & 2239 Datasheet


26dB attenuators with HN female input connectors.


Attenuator Model Comparison

View a comparison of high voltage attenuator specifications including peak voltage, maximum input, connector types and several others.
View the printable PDF