“State of the Art” High Voltage Pulse Instrumentation

Barth Electronics, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing “state-of-the-art” fast pulse, high voltage measurement hardware since 1964. Our first high voltage measurement instrumentation was designed for underground nuclear testing, and taught us much about reliable wide-band high voltage attenuators. These “special” products have become “standards” and are used every day for reliable pulse measurements in physics and pulse power laboratories around the world.  We offer over 100+ different pulse power products!  We are “The Measurement Guys”.

We offer over 100+ different types of high voltage measurement instrumentation.  Please choose a product from the following links to view the product page; Attenuators, Attenuators-High Power, Cable Assemblies, Connectors and Adapters, Impedance Matching Components, Power Combiners, Power Dividers, Pulse Generators, TEM Antenna, Terminators, Transformer Components, and Voltage Probes!

  • Our full service manufacturing facility located in Boulder City, NV.  We remain the World Leader in high voltage pulse design by offering high quality measurement instrumentation.  Our products are designed and manufactured by engineers, for you, our customer, to create innovations in component design that you require now or will need tomorrow.
  • We stand behind every high quality product that goes out our door. Our commitment to quality and workmanship go into every product we manufacture and is among the highest quality in the world.
  • We are “The Measurement Guys”.

View the Voltage Coefficient of Resistance Application Note.

Please be aware that some important considerations in high voltage pulse measurements with resistors as dividing elements are described in our Voltage Coefficient of Resistance Application Note.  The term “Voltage Coefficient of Resistance” has been around for a long time1 but is seldom used or well understood.  As high voltage pulse measurements improve, and higher accuracy becomes available, voltage coefficient errors that could once be ignored now must be considered.  Please read and download this application note.