Low Voltage Attenuator

Model 2-20

Model 2-20 Datasheet


  • Inexpensive
  • Small Dimensions
  • Closely matched impedance for accurate pulse measurements


Take advantage of excellent attenuators at a low price. These low voltage units have excellent microwave characteristics and are ideal as an inexpensive low voltage unit for use with our 142 series high voltage precision attenuators while still providing a very respectable and clean 20 ps output risetime.

After a high voltage pulse has been reduced in amplitude with a high voltage attenuator, such as the 102, 142, 202, 2237, or 2239, low voltage attenuator can often be used to further reduce the pulse voltage.

Modern digital oscilloscopes often have a maximum voltage input of five (5) volts and the Model 2-20 can reduce a 50 Volt pulse to 5 Volts, two Model 2-20 attenuators can reduce a 200 volt pulse to 2 volts to keep the pulse amplitude to an oscilloscope within its maximum ratings.