High Voltage Pulse Terminators

Barth High Voltage Pulse Terminators are designed to terminate 50 ohm systems with a very low reflection coefficient. High voltage pulses are terminated with characteristics as good as, or better than, most instrument loads. These units are ideal for use in nuclear and high energy experiments. Extensive testing during manufacturing insures very high reliability for single-shot experiments. A voltage coefficient of the resistive film of less than .0001 %/V allows low voltage calibration of most systems.


  • Low reflection coefficient
  • Withstands high voltage pulses
  • Pulse power rated
  • Low voltage coefficient
  • High reliability
  • Impedance held very close to nominal

Model 101-xxx and 201A-xxx

Model 101 & 201 Datasheet


2.5kV/5kV 125kW Pk 50 Ohm High Voltage Pulse Terminators

Model 201-BMP and 223-BMFP

Model 201 & 223 Datasheet


Model 201-BMP: 3kV/200kW Pk 50 Ohm High Voltage Pulse Terminator

Model 223-BMFP: 4kV/300kW Pk 50 Ohm High Voltage Pulse Feed Through Terminator

Model 2033-HFP

Model 2033 Datasheet


10kV/200MW Pk 50 Ohm High Voltage Pulse Terminator

Model 2051-GHMP and 2051-GHFP

Model 2051 Datasheet


10kV/2MW Pk 50 Ohm High Voltage Pulse Terminator


Terminator Model Comparison

View a comparison of terminators including peak voltage, maximum input and connector types.
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