High Voltage Measurement Instrumentation

  • We offer 100+ different types of high voltage measurement instrumentation; Attenuators, Power Dividers, Voltage Probes, Terminators, Pulse Genertors, and more!
  • Barth Electronics, Inc. is a full service manufacturing facility located in Boulder City, NV.  We remain the World Leader in high voltage pulse design by offering high quality measurement instrumentation.  Our products are designed and manufactured by engineers, for you, our customer, to create innovations in component design that you require now or will need tomorrow.
  • We stand behind every high quality product that goes out our door.  Our commitment to quality and workmanship go into every product we manufacture and is among the highest quality in the world.
  • We are “The Measurement Guys”

TLP Transmission Line Pulser for HBM

The Model 4003 TLP+™ test system is sued for design development of HBM protection structures.

This system produces pulse widths of 100ns with a 200ps risetime and can be spoiled down to HBM specifications of 10ns.

VFTLP+™ Very Fast Transmission Line Pulser for CDM

The Model 4012 VFTLP+™ test system is used for design development of CDM type threats.

This system produces pulses of 1, 2, 5, 10ns with a risetime of 100ps that can be slowed down to 200 and 400ps.

HMM+ 50 ohm Pulse Test System

The Model 4702 HMM+™ test system is used to eliminate the common problems that are found with IEC gun testing.