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Barth Announces New Common Mode Transient (CMT) Generator

 Rent the Model 4002 TLP+ now!

Rent the Model 4002 TLP+ now!

Get the Model 4002 TLP+ you have always wanted. Barth Electronics is now offering the Model 4002 TLP+ Pulse Curve Tracer thru it's rental program. Go to our Services section of the website or contact a sales representitive for more details.

Introducing the HMM+™

The Barth Model 4702 HMM+™ system was designed to eliminate the common problems that are found in gun testing for device level testing. Our carefully designed measurement hardware maintains accurate waveforms throughout the test system and provides accurate measurements of the stress applied to the DUT.

Pulse Generators

Barth has released preliminary specs on our new 700 series pulse generators. Available in 3kV and 5kV outputs.


Barth Electronics, Inc. offers complete ESD Testing to the semiconductor industry. Nothing is outsourced – all testing is performed at our factory in Boulder City, Nevada.

ESD Device Testing Services

Barth Electronics, Inc. provides device testing for each of our ESD test systems; you receive detailed test data for each test. Contact us today!

Model 4002 TLP+ ™ for Human Body Model Testing and device characterization,

Model 4012 VFTLP+ ™ for Charged Device Model Testing

Model 4702 HMM+ ™ IEC Equivalent Gun Discharge Voltage Testing.

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