Jon Barth

Jon Barth Jon Barth earned his BS Degree in Electronic Engineering from Valparaiso Technical Institute in 1959. After early experience in electronic test equipment design and RF power measurement hardware design at Goodyear Aircraft and Bird Electronics, he founded Barth Electronics in 1964. As Chief Engineer for over 40 years, his company has created over 100 components for high voltage, sub-nanosecond pulse diagnostics and measurements. Barth products have become known internationally as the standard for reliable HV fast pulse measurements. These products remain the standard to which others are compared by government laboratories in the U.S. and throughout the world. In 1994, he redirected the efforts of Barth Electronics to transfer the technology developed for weapons testing, into the manufacturing of new ESD test equipment with a goal of manufacturing improved commercial ESD test equipment. Jon has been a technical consultant to the ESD Standards Committee of Working groups 5 and 14. He has actively assisted in measurement sessions by supplying test equipment and special hardware for fast pulse current and radiation measurements. His commercial TLP system is used internationally and has been copied in Asia and Europe. He is a member of IEEE, APS, and EOS/ESD Association.