Windows® 7

Are you ready to upgrade to Windows® 7?

Thank you for your continued support of Barth Electronics Inc. pulsed test systems.  We want to make sure we are able to continue the quality of service and support our customers have come to expect and rely upon. With the introduction and corporate embrace of the Windows® 7 operating system, it has become important for us to upgrade our software offerings on our existing systems to allow customers to stay current in their corporate environment.


  • Faster testing speed ‐ Approximately 2x speed increase on Model 4002 TLP+ ™ testing
  • Supports 30A TLP upgrade option (separate hardware retrofit required)
  • Supports Pulsed Bias TLP option (additional hardware required)
  • Utilizes the latest National Instruments© NIDAQ drivers for improved performance
  • Provides improved set‐ability of leakage current limits and upper limit of up to 500V
  • Better memory management allows other applications to run in parallel with less impact on test system performance
  • Automatic service upgrade to Barth Software Subscription Program (BSSP)


We provide turn-key systems for a Windows® 7 upgrade.  The Barth computer upgrade bundle includes a Dell T3500 w/Xeon Processor,  4GB Ram, 250GB Hard Drive, 19’Monitor, Windows® 7, National Instruments© Data Boards, DIO jumper with custom bracket and 1 year of  the Barth Software Subscription Program (BSSP)*.

*A computer upgrade requires the latest BTLP software and the BSSP (Barth Software Subscription Plan) to run under Windows® 7.  The latest software offering, as with previous and future software releases, has minimum computer requirements.  Our Windows® 7 system qualified system and recommendation is shown above.